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At Curl Rehab we understand that every curly journey is different. That’s why our products address the unique needs of curls and are formulated with all the good stuff…none of the bad stuff. We believe that while our curls are what makes us unique, when coupled with our love for our planet, they are also what brings us together!

Our curls are more than a hairstyle, they’re a lifestyle.

Our aim is to infuse small acts of love into healthy haircare with our products that are:

Let’s stick together,
save our curls and love our world!

Dry Hair, Damage Repair Treatment

Keep your curls vibrant with this treatment collection that uses the conditioning and hydrating benefits of Coconut Milk & Avocado to moisturize dehydrated, damaged curls.

featured ingredients

Coconut Milk is known to be naturally rich in vitamins that aid in providing defined, healthy curls with natural shine, while protecting against breakage.

Avocado Oil is packed with vital nutrients that naturally nourish and strengthen hair to provide moisture and hydration to dry, brittle curls.

Length Retention Treatment

Hang on to your hard work with this treatment collection that uses Rice Water & Grapeseed Oil to help strengthen and protect brittle, dull hair.

featured ingredients

Rice Water protein smooths and seals hair cuticles to help curls retain moisture and block frizz. Fatty acids increase elasticity to protect against breakage and help preserve length retention.

Grapeseed Oil is known for its vitamin E content to deliver essential nutrients for strong, healthier looking curls.

Scalp Care Treatment

Curl Rehab Scalp Care treatment collection renews your scalp using the cooling & revitalizing benefits of Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea to treat and soothe dry, flaky scalp.

featured ingredients

Tea Tree Oil and a special combination of Herbal extracts aid in soothing and conditioning dry scalp. It gently calms and keeps your scalp nourished.

Green Tea has an abundance of antioxidants that deep condition, while soothing the scalp and replenishing moisture.

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